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The Step-by-Step Program for Turning Your Existing Website into a 24/7 Money Maker

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Ready for a website you can be proud of?

Turn your website into your best sales and marketing employee without hiring, firing, or spending a fortune.


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Here's a question for you:

How would you describe your relationship with your website?

If you said anything but "It's perfect!" — keep reading.

Like most artists and creative business owners, your website is a vital part of growing your global exposure and sales but it's probably the last thing you want to deal with. So it sits on the back burner. And you secretly hope no one will see it until it feels "done" to you...

This is normal! Anyone with a website feels this way at some point.


Other normal "website relationship" feelings:

  • You feel like your website is lost among all the other great sites. And you're not sure how anyone finds your site unless you tell them about it first...

  • You want automatic sales and workshop sign-ups but don't know which systems, plugins, or tech tools will get the job done right...

  • You feel like your site isn't up to snuff as a marketing and sales vehicle. So you're debating whether or not to invest in a full overhaul but the $600—$5k expense makes you cringe...

  • You are trying to build your own website but your time is limited. Plus, you'd rather be making art, taking a nap, or doing anything that doesn't involve your computer...

How to tell if your website is really working for you.

If your website is working for you, it should be able to handle these 3 essential business tasks seamlessly:

If it isn't, you could be missing out on

  • interested buyers, students, collectors, and fans
  • increased cashflow of hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in sales to your business
  • and an online presence that lets people find you and your creative work worldwide.

Transform how your website works for you by leveraging its power to grow your exposure, sales, and sign-ups, online.

Here's how...

The Website Wealth program teaches you how to confidently grow your customer base, showcase what you make and do, and sell through your site strategically in a series of action-oriented trainings.

You'll learn to transform your existing website into one that works on your behalf as a great communicator to new and existing customers, and make sales easy on both sides of the digital cash register (for you — and for your customers).

Then, you'll receive 4 weeks of technology trainings that teach you how to activate the functions that make your website your best sales and marketing employee (one you don't even have to pay).

Week 1: How to Optimize Your Website with SEO

This training teaches you how to attract even more visitors (students, collectors, gallerists, fans, etc) to your website each month.

Week 2: How to Use Analytics to Increase Traffic & Sales

This training answers the question, "Are any of my website efforts even working?" You'll learn how to read your behind-the-scenes website data and see exactly where future sales and sign-ups will come from.

Week 3: Capturing Interest and Leads with Email Opt-ins

This training helps you secure contact information from fans before they leave your website. You'll learn how to prime prospects for sales and more with a little virtual hospitality.

Week 4: Securing Payment for Products, Services, Workshops, and Events

This training makes receiving payment simple, straightforward, and (best of all) automatic. You'll be able to receive sales any time from anywhere.


Website Wealth is an empowering program for professional artists and creative business owners who have minimal website skills but want to turn their existing website into a money making and lead-generating machine.

So imagine...

...receiving autopilot transactions from your website that increase your sales while you're enjoying the finer things in your creative life.

...knowing your artwork and creative services are reaching a global audience through informative stats and data.

...watching notifications of sign-ups to your courses and events come into your email inbox daily.

...growing your collector base without leaving the studio.

and having a digital showcase of your brand that you can be proud of.

Turn your online business fantasy into reality.


Enroll now and receive 4 website technology trainings!

Your Instructor

Heather Allen, MGIM-MBA
Heather Allen, MGIM-MBA

By the way, you're in good hands.

My goal is to help you turn your passions into purposeful, profitable opportunities—for yourself and those you serve (e.g. customers, collectors, readers, listeners, communities, and adoring fans).

As an adjunct college professor, founder of Essential Edge Live: Annual Planning Retreat for Artists, and author of the book Let Your Creativity Work for You, I get a kick out of empowering creative people with support that leads to action and abundance.

Welcome — It's nice to meet you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Website Wealth for more than one website?
Absolutely. You can use the trainings in the Website Wealth program for all of your current and future websites.
Does this program teach me how to build my own website?
No, this program will not teach you how to build a website. Instead, it will help you leverage your existing website and teach you how to use your website for business.
When does Website Wealth start and finish?
This online program is completely self-paced. You decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to Website Wealth?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to all of the training videos and worksheets which are downloadable — yours to keep for life.
What if I am unhappy with the Website Wealth program?
If you're not happy with the program, we offer a 10-Day Money Back Guarantee full refund. We simply ask that you tell us why you are unhappy with the program and provide constructive criticism to help us improve the learning experience for future students.
How much does the Website Wealth program cost?
The value of aligning your business strategy with your website, in addition to being able to manage your own website without paying a developer to make small changes, is priceless. The Website Wealth Program starts at $197 for early action takers. This price is likely to increase as more resources and content are added.
When will I begin to see results?
When you put in the effort and turn your learning into action, you'll begin to see results that align with the business goals (more sales, more website traffic, etc) you establish in the first week of the program. The 4 Tech Trainings will teach you how to read and interpret your website data and see tangible results.

Get started now!